I installed Fedora 20 and gave it a test drive. Whilst I was happy it seemed to run well, the graphics driver appeared to be flaky. Under Ubuntu Studio, I was getting a fps fullscreen using glxgears of around 60-65fps. Under Fedora, I was getting ~45 fps. I then tried Linux Mint Debian Edition, and that also had the same problem. So now, I’m back on Ubuntu Studio. But I might be vanilla Debian a go as well and see if that helps…

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  1. You know glxgears isn’t a measure of performance. The latest version, which is in Fedora, locks the fps to the monitor refresh rate so it won’t change no matter how fast your graphics card is.

    • That might also explain why Linux Mint Debian Edition (which is based on Debian Testing) was also sluggish in the same manner. I made a backup of the Fedora install, so I can always tinker with it some more.

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