I Beat A Patent Troll And You Can Too


Editor’s Note: Chris Hulls is the chief executive of the family networking and communication service, Life360.

I thought I was finished standing up to bullies when I left junior high. Being the quiet guy and a late bloomer made me an easy target growing up, but I eventually fought back and after that no one ever bothered me again… that is, until now.

As a tech founder, I’ve met a new kind of bully — patent trolls. The greedy, unethical leeches who abuse the legal system and prey on the success of others by extorting “licensing fees” for irrelevant or useless technology.

Like bullies, most people see trolls as a serious problem, but they rarely fight back, because paying them off in a shake down is almost always cheaper than going to trial.

Last May, my company Life360, a family networking app, was attacked by a troll the…

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