ROM Reflash – Cyanogenmod 11 (Flemmard) – Part 3

I am not impressed. After flashing and restoring my applications, the phone seems extra sluggish and seems to have locked me out of recovery mode. When I tried to set my alarm for weekdays, I was fighting the phone to click the days of the week. I was pressing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then the phone took several seconds before showing up the change, then unticking them, and ticking them back on again.

I reflashed my recovery from 4EXT, since I could still get into the main OS, and now I’m reflashing from my image back to my albinoman build. This Flemmard build is going on my “do not use” list.

ROM Reflash – Cyanogenmod 11 (Flemmard)

Reflashing my phone again. Using Cyanogenmod again, this time, a different build. This build is V4.4.4 instead of V4.4.2 which is the one on the albinoman build. The build is also later than albinoman’s one, so might contain some fixes to problems encountered in V4.4.2.

Restoring my backups as I type this post.


C25K – Week 2 Day 1

I completed C25K Week 2 Day 1 (timed) (3.12 km), in 19:00, pace 06:05 min/km, with @RunDouble

I carry so much tech with me on my runs, this is what the plugs in my bedroom look like after a run. Charging my Nike+ Fuelband, GPS SmartWatch, Jabra Bluetooth Headphones and my Fitbit One.

Nike+ Track



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