ROM Reflash – Cyanogenmod 11 (albinoman)

First flash is an unofficial version of Cyanogenmod 11. This is the version I currently have, but I’m doing a full reflash due to the problems I currently have, which I wonder if it is down to the fact I didn’t do a superwipe when switching between ROM variants.

Generally, you should wipe or superwipe your phone if you are moving from one ROM variant to another, and not wipe if you’re flashing an update to the currently installed ROM.


Reflashing 2

My experience of Carbon ROM has been short and a mixture of good and bad. Good in that there were some very nice features, but bad, in that the whole ROM seemed to not be too responsive. Less of a problem with Carbon ROM compared to the last one I tried, but, still, definitely noticeable.

I’ve taken a quick look at XDA and found a couple of other ROMs available, so I’m going to download them and give each one a go. 4Ext really helps with the backups.


My HTC Sensation KitKat ROM has been very quirky, with some weird behaviour with some apps, most notably with Nike+ Running. I’ve decided to try flashing a different ROM. I tried UnoRom again, but that seemed sooo sluggish – it took a few seconds to even come out of sleep each time I wanted to unlock my phone. So this time, I’ve tried Carbon Rom. So far, so good, I’m restoring my Titanium Backups.


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