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This is an old advert by Google Chrome featuring Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid virtual singer, following in the same line as Honda’s series of adverts featuring her too. Selling the idea that Miku is a virtual singer, but you can be anything else — Musician, Producer, Composer, etc.   (Only found out by some Tweets) […]

With the roll out of a new version of Chrome, Google is saying goodbye to a few old favorites. Maybe “favorites” isn’t the right word. The browser will no longer be updated to support Windows XP, Vista, and OS X 10.8. Goodnight, sweet Vista, and your glossy menus. RIP XP. Finally. Although I say finally, […]

I’ve been tinkering with Second Life and Spotify on Linux, and discovered there’s a known bug in XDG whereby it complains when you try to access a custom protocol link (e.g. secondlife:// or spotify://) that is already registered within XDG. There’s a (rather cumbersome) way of getting around it, if you’re using Chromium (probably works with […]