Pace Guide: 5K -> 10K -> HM

Pace Guide: 5K -> 10K -> HM

Found this in this month’s Runners World. A useful guide to picking realistic target times based on your shorter run pace.

My current 5K averages at around 30-32min so that gives me a HM targe tof 2:18 hr to 2:27 hr for my HM. Which sounds about right — when I last did a 17K run, I did so in about 2 hours, so add an extra 3K onto that (and the fatigue), which put me at around 2:30 hr.


10K Speed Training (Runner’s World)

English: Paula Radliffe winning in New YorkThe latest edition of Runner’s World is out now, and there’s lots of useful nuggets of information in this issue, including an interview with Paul Radcliffe, whose career is about as long as RW has been publishing.

One useful bit of wisdom caught my eye and it’s how a Kenyan trained for, and got a WR his 10K:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Run 1 mile (1.6 km) at goal pace (which should be no more than 1 min/mile faster than your current PB)
  3. Jog for 3 minutes
  4. Repeat x3 (4.8 km total)
  5. Develop this further by increasing intervals from 3 to 6 (9.6 km total) , then shortening the recovery job from 3 to 2, then from 2 to 1
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