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Pace Guide: 5K -> 10K -> HM

Found this in this month’s Runners World. A useful guide to picking realistic target times based on your shorter run pace.

My current 5K averages at around 30-32min so that gives me a HM targe tof 2:18 hr to 2:27 hr for my HM. Which sounds about right — when I last did a 17K run, I did so in about 2 hours, so add an extra 3K onto that (and the fatigue), which put me at around 2:30 hr.


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Nike+ Training

I haven’t used the Nike+ Running app for a long time, since getting a SportWatch. However, I dug it back out after starting to use the Nike Training Club app (as it ties into the Running app to check you have done a running workout). Now, Nike have put in a coach with plans for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon distances. Interesting.


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Long Run Weekend #1 – Day 2

Second day of the long run weekend, and it didn’t turn out too well. I decided to run my local park instead because the weather looked ominous. One lap around the park (about 1 mile), and my hamstring was hurting again. Seemed to ease up if I changed my running posture, though. So perhaps I picked this up because my running style is poor? I ended the run early to give it a rest, and maybe work on a better posture. I probably never had this feeling because I don’t normally do 15+K runs.

Still, on the plus side, a new trophy came my way:


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Long Run Weekend #1 – Day 1

First day of the long run weekend. Today’s target was 14K, which I hit in about 1hr 26mins. Endomondo Track here. I was using my Nike+ SmartWatch as well, and kept it going till I got home, which was another 3K. Total distance out: 17.2K, total time out: 1hr 58min 58secs.

No Endomondo PBs were broken on this run, but I did set several on Nike+: Farthest Run (17.2K), Longest Run (1hr 58min 58secs), Most Calories Burned (1,140kcal), Fastest 5K (28’51”), Fastest 10K (1’02’12”). I also got the Afternooner trophy (1500 Nike Fuel earned between 2pm and 5pm)


This was one of the longer runs I’ve done in a while, and coming down the last 3K, my hamstring in my right leg started to hurt.

Tomorrow’s target is 16K. If I clock that, my target of a 30K weekend will be achieved. In fact, I will have done more than a Half Marathon over the weekend. Most likely, I’ll use the same route as I took today, so by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have a double 17K under my belt.