Dungeon Defenders

I re-setup my ASUS Transformer TF101 with AOKP and decided to reinstall the apps from Google Play. Fortunately, it keeps track of everything you installed, so all I had to do was scroll down and start clicking install on everything I wanted back. One of the ones I had completely forgotten about, was Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. It’s not visible in the market anymore, but you can still download it.

Since it’s been disabled, the in-game purchases no longer work, but then again, you don’t necessarily need it to play the game.


The game is still a good, fun, tower-defence 3D game. And I found that there’s a beta of Dungeon Defenders 2 available, but you have to request a beta invite. I won’t be doing that because I’m only playing DD casually, and irratically.

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I tried to install OpenSUSE on my laptop again today, and again it came up with the error about the boot partition. So perhaps I’ll have to tweak the boot partition size the next time I try this.

Instead, I installed Fedora 19, and that went fine – no issues with installing. Next I need to update it.

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