I tried to install OpenSUSE today using the Network Installer. Some interesting things happened.

  1. When installing via a Network Installer, you would expect the latest versions of packages to be used. Evidently not. I did this, and when the installer did the update (which I would expect to be quick since there’s nothing to update), it took an extra 30 minutes to apply hundreds of DRPMs.
  2. Whilst doing the update, the installer flagged up the fact that I had run out of space on my boot partition — so the boot partition I had just created via the installer, using values the installer decided upon by itself, has now been clogged up DURING the install. Needless to say, the next thing I did was roll back to my previous Clonezilla image.

This isn’t going to discourage me, though, I do want to try out OpenSUSE properly, so I think what I’ll try next time, is run the installer from the CD instead of the netinstall and keep my software choices minimal until after the install is complete.


10K Training – Day 25: Race Simulation – Day 4

Tracks: ZREndomondo, Strava

Target: 10km 5:31 – 5:44 min/km

Achieved: 10.13km 57:11 min. I missed several days of the start of the Simulation phase due to some really crazy long-hour (10-14 hour) days at work. But on the plus side, I took nearly 2 minutes off my 10K PB.

Next Run: Monday, 5km 7:39 min/km

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