Android KitKat

After a lot of tinkering and configuring, I’ve got my HTC Sensation onto Android 4.4.2 (KitKat). The ROM is not registering updates so I’ll manually have to keep checking on the XDA forums.

I like the new interface changes, the sliding notification ribbon, and the way the whole thing seems to run quicker than Jelly Bean. Made some backups of the new versions of the apps, and installed the newer version of TWRP. I was right, and that I was behind by several releases.

The only thing that’s gone funny right now, is my local profile that is displayed on the interface is corrupted. Here’s my build screen:


Flashing My Phone

I’ve been contemplating flashing my phone since the guys at Cyanogenmod haven’t released any new ROM versions since 2013. Looking around on the XDA forums, I’ve found plenty of releases by other people and teams, some of which are the new KitKat version. So I downloaded and put those on my phone, but learning from past mistakes, I made sure I had a backup. My recovery is the TWRP, so I did a backup on that tool, then flashed the ROM. It booted up fine, but got loads of FCs, so I went back and restored my backup. Or so I thought. Going back into my pre-KitKat ROM, left me with a factory-resetted version of a good ROM. So I can to reconnect my Google accounts, install Titanium Backup and its key, then restore my backups from Titanium. Seriously, buy Titanium Backup, it will save you HOURS of time redownloading, reinstalling, and reconfiguring your applications.

So now, I’m running my application restores, then I’m going to reboot and check it all works, then download and install the latest TWRP recovery (I suspect mine might be out of date since I haven’t used it for a long while), and do another backup, then try again.

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