Training in Quarantine – Day 316

Training in Quarantine – Day 316

Found out why I couldn’t backup my new machine — Windows 10 had BitLocker setup which meant CloneZilla couldn’t clone it. Ubuntu installation on computers running Windows and BitLocker turned on – Documentation – Ubuntu Community Hub told me how to remove it. But still had a few issues with the backing up, namely Clonezilla still reporting some filesystems being read-only.

Turns out Fast Startup was also enabled by default for disabling it.

Trying to back up the machine before installing Ubuntu

Backup was fine, completed successfully, and was able to install Ubuntu

Benchmarked both Windows and Linux on 4K, and Linux performed a bit less, presumably due to the APIs being different

And it’s been another hot day, and people have been really tetchy today, lots of horn tooting and then, inevitably, this happened

The heat really does bring out the worst in people.

Training in Quarantine – Day 315

I’ve been slacking logging my walks lately, so apologies for that.

This was should have been logged yesterday. It was very hot, so much that I didn’t even need to worry about wearing a jacket or anything while walking, and perhaps I should have worn sunglasses, it was that bright.

In other news, my laptop seems like it’s on its way out so I have got a replacement and an upgrade, and spent Saturday trying to set it up but clonezilla seems to be having trouble registering the partition labels. I had already purchased a 2TB NVME so instead of cloning then restoring, I cross-device cloned directly, making the 2TB disk exactly the same as the 1TB, but with the space at the end of the disk which I will use for Ubuntu.

Then took the rest of the day downloading my games from Steam. Warframe and Stellaris are the main ones I’ve been downloading

Streaming also seems fine, with only a slight fps drop.

Training in Quarantine – Day 311

Forgot to log this yesterday, but it was another on-off rainy day. Went for my walk in a period where the rain was easing and it was fine, but it started to rain on the way back home, so got a little wet.

Also got called by the hire car company from my accident last year (just over a year ago now) — the insurance company on the other side are still resisting paying the hire car charges and now its going to legal action. So potentially I might end up in court.

But since the accident is a no-fault accident from my side (my car was stationary and parked, and the other driver was arrested for drink driving), I should not be getting any costs coming my way.

Training in Quarantine – Day 309

Had my MOT done today. Took surprisingly low amount of time — I dropped the car off at 10:30 for the 11:00 appointment and they called me back at 2pm saying it was done.

They had a check-in process where you sign in, and deposit the car keys (with a tag saying which bay you had parked the car) into a small locker and that signals the mechanic you have left your keys. It’s contactless so you are never near another human.

My daily walk as a result, was much later than normal.

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