Training in Quarantine – Day 328 & Football

Missed logging from yesterday. I did my walk later than normal, as I had to pick up my dad from hospital after an operation.

England were playing in Wembley against Germany last night, though I am not much of a football fan and don’t really follow matches.

I didn’t even think England would beat Germany, based on their history.

On my way back from my walk, I came across a group of teenagers with England shirts on. They saw me and started singing “It’s coming home” to me. I just looked blank and confused (being a chinese person, I guess they thought I couldn’t understand them). One of them put their fist out for a fist bump. Now *that* I knew and met the bump before heading off.

England won 2-0 against Germany but you never would have guessed. Normally, when England score a goal or win a match, you hear massive cheering from the neighbours and then celebrations in the streets — people driving their cars with the windows down screaming “En-ger-land!”

None of that this time.

World Cup records tumble as Germany destroy Brazil 7-1 | Football |

Like it or not, Germany totally outclassed Brazil last night, and the goals came thick and fast. The commentators summarised it bluntly, and concisely after goal 3: “Brazil are being humbled, humiliated, and ripped apart”. 5 goals in 30 minutes. I went to bed even before the first half had finished. From the sounds of it, some of the Brazilian fans felt the same way. There really wasn’t any need to watch the rest of the match. Well, it looks like I missed 2 more goals by Germany and one consolation goal by Brazil.

But, interestingly, according to the Guardian, plenty of records fell during that match (taken from the referenced article):


Seconds between Germany’s second and fourth goals in Belo Horizonte


Germany are first side to score seven times in a World Cup semi-final


Years since Brazil lost by a six-goal margin (6-0 to Uruguay in 1920)


Minutes it took Germany to score five, the fastest ever at a World Cup


Goals scored by Miroslav Klose at World Cups, beating Ronaldo’s record


The amount of goals scored by England in the past two World Cups


Number of goals scored by Germany at World Cups. Brazil have 221


Brazil’s heaviest defeat at a World Cup before last night, in 1998


World Cup matches it took Thomas Müller to get to 10 goals


Number of assists provided by the Bayern player in those 12 games


Shots on target by Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side in the first half


Seconds between Toni Kroos’ two goals. Fastest in tournament history

World Cup records tumble as Germany destroy Brazil 7-1 | Football |

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