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  1. 70% off??? Brilliant promotion, no wonder the store looked ransacked. Nice to know loving a bargain is universal.
    What are they offering if they win the Cup? Buy one get one free?

    1. They might not be in business by that time, based on how much loss they might be making with the 70% discount. 🙂

      1. Oh I hope they will be in business! Most retailers here have a mark up of 120 to 140% so they don’t lose too much on 70% off sales. The goodwill that store generated by the promotion will have a marketing value too. Good for them!

      2. A markup, yes, but with a massive discount of 70%, plus a huge surge in business, might turn that markup on its head and turn it into a loss. It depends on how much markup (if any) this company added to its prices.

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