Training in Quarantine – Day 60

Day 60 of quarantine. Finally got an opportunity to test my new Chromecast Ultra with my FitBit coach in my living room. There was more room here to do the workout versus my bedroom and shed plenty more sweat than I normally do doing the workout in my bedroom.

Weather is still plenty windy and the temperature is much lower than the past couple of days…

Trying to decide whether to do my walk later….

EDIT: I did.

Training in Quarantine – Day 59

Nearing day 60 in quarantine. Today was a very window, cloudy start to the day. My bedroom door in fact slammed closed at 3am in the morning from the gust of wind that came through the open window.

My final car cheque FINALLY came through. Guess this now means I have to give up the car within 7 days. Which is a bugger because now I’ll have to get the bus to the car showroom in June.

Regards to training, I did my walk and am currently contemplating whether to do my FitBit workout today or tomorrow….

Training in Quarantine – Day 58

Update on my car. They say the final cheque is in the post, and now they will be contacting me to arrange to pick up the car.

But I haven’t been able to buy a new car because all the showrooms were locked down. I asked them to reconsider.

Meanwhile, another hot day so I did the walk and not the workout, also probably not a good idea to do a workout so soon after eating lots of pizza ^_^

Training in Quarantine – Day 57

Did my FitBit workout today. Trying to workout in 25degC heat isn’t fun, but I did it with my windows open and a fan blowing in my face.

And, I did my walk to boot. Again the shorter walk due to being on call. My pace was notably slower than usual during the walk due to the heat. But as a result, wasn’t sweating as much as I was expecting. Still was, though ^_^

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