Training in Quarantine – Day 72

Another cloudy and rainy day. I did get to do my walk in between the showers.

Car update — I’ve finalised finance with Toyota and we’ve pencilled in Wednesday for pickup, but that depends on when I need to return my hire car.

Other news — My neighbours moved out recently and now we’ve had some people come in to pick up left over stuff and another van dropped off this morning, seemingly to drop of some paints and stuff.

They parked up pretty close to my hire car.

At least they didn’t scratch it.

Since different people are coming in and out of that premise, they’ve mounted a key locker on the front of the building holding the key to the flat, and locked it. Foolishly, they left the key combination visible as I went out to my walk. Then when I came back after my walk, they had reset the dials. Tried the combination I saw, and the lock opened. Cue Mr. Burns clip….

Training in Quarantine – Day 60

Day 60 of quarantine. Finally got an opportunity to test my new Chromecast Ultra with my FitBit coach in my living room. There was more room here to do the workout versus my bedroom and shed plenty more sweat than I normally do doing the workout in my bedroom.

Weather is still plenty windy and the temperature is much lower than the past couple of days…

Trying to decide whether to do my walk later….

EDIT: I did.

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