Training in Quarantine – Day 35

V5C completed and my car was supposed to be picked up today, got called saying the driver had called in sick and has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Bizarrely, my insurance company emailed saying that my car had already been collected, which it obviously hadn’t. But that’s probably just because it’s automated.

Went for my walk and did the long loop. Co-op had no queue, my local fruit n veg did, but not as big as it normally does. Tesco Express petrol station had a small queue, Sainsbury’s had a relatively big queue, but also not as big as it normally does. Tesco Express Supermarket, had a reasonably sized queue and Aldi surprisingly had no queues.

So far, out of all the car brands I’ve queried about new vehicles, only Toyota have replied and been engaging with my queries. I guess my next vehicle will be a Toyota.

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