Slow Drivers

I’ve been finding the same driver driving at 10-20mph on 30-40mph roads on the way into work in the morning, and it is driving me (and a lot of other drivers) nuts. Sure, I can overtake him (and I do, just like lots of other people), but he just doesn’t seem to get the hint. Dangerous overtaking? No, there’s pretty much no-one on the road at 6am in the morning where I am.

Sure wish I could report this guy somewhere…

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Reporting Drivers

Sky News had an article about Video Vigilantes

Whilst I’m no vigilante, I do strongly believe bad drivers should not be on the road. There was a website mentioned on the article and on the report Police Witness. It sells, and offers dashcams for sale. Some appear to be pretty good , albeit pricey – maybe even better than mine (which is a DOD LS300W)

Which reminds me, I must report a littering Merc and a crazy female BMW driver.

Why I don’t use Public Transport to travel to work

People tell me I should use public transport to save on money, so I decided to check cost differences.

To use buses only, would take me 2 hours on a good day, and on a bad day, possibly 3 hours to get from one end to the other. A single bus fare would cost me £2.40 (2 buses), costing £24 a week.

To use underground only, would take me 1.5 hours to 2 hours on an average day. I have to travel from Zone 5 to Zone 1. I travel during the peak so that costs me £4.60 each way, total of £9.20 per day, or £46 per week.

If I wanted the flexibility of using both, a monthly season ticket between Zones 1 and 5 costs me £205.10 or £51.28 per week.

Buses, so far are the cheapest option, but they are the slowest (at 2-3 hours) and are most prone to have disruptive commuters (school kids, drunks, smokers)

But what about if I use a car? In a car it takes me 30-45 minutes to get to work in the morning, and about the same to get home. If I hit a peak of traffic, it maybe, at worse, 1.5 hours. Compare that to a 1.5 hours BEST case on the underground and 3 hours WORST case on the buses.

Here’s my breakdown of costs:

Diesel: Approx £16 pw — I fill up every 3 or so weeks, and on everage, it is about £16 per week of fuel

Road Tax: £0.39 pw (£20 per year)

MOT: £1.05 pw (£54.85 py)

Service (Full): £6.05 pw (£314.36 py) — including work done. If no work actually needs to be done, then this is much lower.

Tyres (4): £4.58 pw (£238 py) — assuming I have to change all tyres at least once a year. Not likely as I don’t do too much mileage, and I have only had to change the tyres once since buying the car.

Insurance: £8.65 pw (£450 py)

Total Cost Per Week: £36.72

So, even with the worst case scenario (lots of work to do on the service and yearly replacing of the tyres), my weekly running cost is STILL less than a season ticket on the Public Transport (and I also get to and from work a HELL of a lot faster).

A bolt from the… um… grey?

I bought a dashboard camera a few years ago, and have since upgraded to a better one. I’ve caught a few things during that time, but never thought I would catch this….

All of these photos took place in one second, and were taken driving down Whetstone High Road, North London. Photos were extracted using VLC and by slowing down the video to about 0.03x-0.06x speed then taking snapshots. I would have used mencoder or ffmpeg, but I’m not running Linux, and have no admin rights to install new programs on my box at work.

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