Mind Those Traffic Lights! What Traffic Lights?

I can’t figure out what this guy was thinking. Was he on the phone? Was he texting? Going too fast? All of these? Who knows. What I do know is that if this guy was travelling fast enough to knock down a traffic light, drag it 20 metres, and wreck his engine, then someone standing at the crossing (which is exactly where the van has come to rest), wouldn’t stand a chance….


Dangerous Driving [Videos Added]

Two days this week I’ve driven to work in the early hours (~6am) and both days I’ve encountered some really dangerous behaviour.

On Monday, outside Wembley Central station (http://goo.gl/maps/AFHp0), a cyclist cycled along the pavement, then dives into the road without looking back or signalling. I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again. Road users on two wheels complain about not getting respect on the road. If you behave like this, how can you expect respect from other road users? I have more gripes with motorcyclists than pedal cyclists, but the majority of my complains about the two-wheeled road users are the same: lack of signalling, darting in and out of traffic, jumping red lights, riding too close to car users then complaining when they are hit by wing mirrors.

On Tuesday, I’m at the junction between the A504 Finchley Lane and the A1 Great North Way (http://goo.gl/maps/2HFBT). The A504 is a black spot for queue jumping, and I had a VW queue jump me at the junction – violating road markings in the lane which indicate it is right-turn only. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, further along, at the junction with the A504 Church Road/B552 Parson Street/A502 Brent Street (http://goo.gl/maps/MYemg), this same car then jumps the red lights.

Oh, and both were caught on my dashcam. Will be passing these onto the police. Whereas there’s little they can do about the cyclist, they can at least take the VW off the road, or at least put some points on his/her license (I hope)

Bad Driving – BMW 1 on Vimeo

A selection of three clips showing a really dangerous BMW driver.

First clip, the driver cut in front of me at high speed with no signal and with not much space between myself and the car in the lane next to me. Then jumps from the fast lane, to the slow lane, then back to the fast lane in order to over take cars. I caught up to the driver and you can see their number plate.

Second clip, the driver almost causes an accident by undertaking the car in front whilst a car is change from the slow lane to the middle lane.

Third clip, the driver again undertakes (in the distance), then does exactly the same manoeuvre as in the first clip. The irony? Even with all their moves, I still overtook them. :-)

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