Heartbleed and the after-effects

עברית: לוגו של התוסף HTTPS Everywhere לפיירפוקס

Heartbleed certainly shook up a lot of companies, and whilst a lot of companies did their best to get system updated, doing so has caused users side effects, including me.

I use an extension for Chrome/Chromium called HTTPS Everywhere and this forces HTTPS connections to the site you’re visiting. However, since the patching of Heartbleed, some sites have started misbehaving and only work “properly” if I use either the Incognito mode (which means no extensions), or if I deactivate HTTPS Everywhere for the site in question. The side effect of this, unfortunately, means my net traffic to the site in question is exposed via non-secure HTTP. Fortunately, I have encountered only two sites so far which have this problem, neither of them I am too concerned (at the moment) about:

If I encounter any more, I’ll post it here.

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