Zombies, Run! Season 3

Zombies, Run! Season 3 is out now. It is an update to the ZR app, so you should be able to continue progress. If not, wipe the cache, relogin and setup the install again.

ZR3 appears to break gmusicfs, so I’m tinkering with settings to see if I can get it back, and it does appear to be VERY laggy at first start.

On the plus side, you can download the first two missions of Season 3, the Season 3 Radio, AND get a season pass for Season 3 at the moment. The update is backwards compatible so you can still play Season 1, Season 2, Race, Radio, Supply, and Airdrop missions.

Stats-philes will enjoy being able to see their stats on the app now.

The app seems to be pretty volatile, and I’ve had it ANR (App Not Responding) many times on me already.

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