10 things no one tells women before they run the London Marathon

Source: 10 things no one tells women before they run the London Marathon

Surprisingly a couple of these made me laugh.

#5 you’ll get penis envy. Actually, it’s not a good thing – especially if you forget to wear tight pants. Trying to run around the park with your little friend trying his darnedest to distract you is definitely not fun. Funny, yes. Uncomfortable? Damned so.

#6 you will become a running bore – guilty.

#10 you will want to do another one – yes, but not yet. The atmosphere when I ran the RPHM was electric. I want to experience that again, but not yet.

Virgin Money London Marathon – Shobukhova doping ban, Virgin London Marathon – Latest Race News

The Virgin Money London Marathon was disappointed to hear the news that Liliya Shobukhova has been handed a two year doping ban by the Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA).

It notes that the VFLA has annulled Shobukhova‘s results from 9TH October 2009, which includes her results in the London Marathons 2010 – 2011. If this decision is confirmed after any appeal, then it would mean that results from the years she ran in the London Marathon 2010 (1st) and 2011(2nd) or would be annulled.

Hugh Brasher, Race Director of the Virgin Money London Marathon said, “London Marathon is at the forefront of the fight against doping in our sport, and we are very proud to have been the first major marathon to introduce blood testing for all of our elite competitors, prior to each event. This mandatory blood testing commenced at the London Marathon in 2002, and has continued with all our elite competitors throughout. As one of the world’s leading marathons, we continue to work very closely with UK Anti-Doping, the IAAF and WADA with the aim of eradicating drug taking in our sport.”

As part of London Marathon elite athlete contracts, any athlete found guilty of a doping offence will be required to repay any prize or appearance money.

The athlete has a right to appeal the Federation decision. London Marathon is unable to comment further until that has either expired, or any appeal has been determined.

Virgin Money London Marathon – Shobukhova doping ban, Virgin London Marathon – Latest Race News.

Why Do You Run?

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In the recent weeks, with the bombing in Boston at the Marathon there, it has, like many others, no doubt, caused me to reassess and reorganise some of my priorities. I used to run as part of my ongoing physio to heal a fractured metatarsal in my foot. There was no reason for me to run for charity, or anything like that.


Then the bombs hit Boston and in the aftermath, both stories of heroism, and stories of sadness. People who ran towards the chaos to help people. People who lost arms, legs, and, of course, people who lost lives. The most touching one is the one of the 8-year old boy, Martin Richard, killed near the finish line by the bomb.


Although I was not in time to register for the London Marathon, my target is to race at least a Half Marathon next year.


In my recovery time after my fracture, I could not run, I could not walk, but in 6 weeks, I was back to walking and within 3 months, jogging. I recall the feeling of helplessness whilst I was on crutches. Being unable to walk long distances without aid, and near-total reliance on everyone around you. People who have lost limbs because of the bombs will have to endure that for a longer period than I did. I feel for them.


I used to run for fitness. Now, I have a new reason. I run, not just for fitness. I run, not just for physio. I run for everyone who cannot run.




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