Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet – TechRepublic

Jack Wallen reviews the bq Aquaris M10 tablet and he’s impressed. If you’ve been on the fence about Ubuntu Touch, this might just assuage those unpleasant feelings.

Source: Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet – TechRepublic

Canonical tried to do this with their last attempt to crowdsource their Ubuntu phone, but it didn’t make enough money. This one looks pretty good too. Now I wonder if I could run Android apps on there too. :D


GfxTablet (Graphic Tablet) is a project that consists of two parts — one is Linux input driver, and the other is an Android app. It turns your Android device into a graphics tablet and you can control your Linux machine with your tablet. There is no screen output on the android device and stylus/finger motion is transmitted to the Linux box.

The only downside is there’s no option for “lefty” mode for people like me. :(

It will be interesting to see how well I can use this.

rfc2822/GfxTablet ยท GitHub.

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