Left & Right Handed Devices

You may recall in my earlier post that I mentioned the GfxTablet project but complained that there was no support for left-handed users, but I just discovered something.

Under Xfce the configuration for Mouse and Touchpad:


Inside the configuration applet, you get to see all the input devices available on your system. On my system, I have the touchpad set as left-handed, because I prefer to work with my mouse buttons swapped (as I’m left-handed).

Mouse and Touchpad_000

However, what you notice is that “Network Tablet” shows up on this list when the service is running:

Mouse and Touchpad_001


So, select that, and:

Mouse and Touchpad_002


Lo and behold, the Network Tablet is configuredĀ as right-handed. Which means that even though my touchpad is configured as left-handed, I can freely use my Android tablet as a graphics tablet without the annoying button switching I had to do before.

Now, I found this in Fedora, but it might also work under Xubuntu.


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