Man ‘deletes his whole company’ after typing wrong bit of code


If ever there was a time you wish you could click ‘undo’, this would be it.

But while most people are often rescued by the quick ‘control+z’ command – seeing their entire document return to the screen after inadvertently deleting it all – there was no such saving grace for Marco Marsala.

The hosting provider wrote on help forum Server Fault that he had accidentally entered a code that seemed to have wiped his computers, including the websites of his customers.

The command, “rm -rf”, deletes everything it is told to and blocks the helpful warnings that usually inform the user that something is being deleted. In this case, because he hadn’t specified what he wanted deleted, it erased everything.

With super-user permissions comes great responsibility, which unfortunately doesn’t help with stupidity.

Source: Man ‘deletes his whole company’ after typing wrong bit of code

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