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First step achieved towards LPIC-1. Part 1 complete, part 2 commence! :)

Score was 710. Pass mark was 500. Score ranges from 200 to 800, so if my score was 710/800, that makes it 88.75%. Not a bad score.

I arrived 30 minutes early, and the test centre allowed me to take the test early, although we had some troubles getting the exam started (technology, eh?)

However, once started, I clicked through the questions, and felt reasonably happy with the level of questions, even though I evidently got quite a few wrong on the System Architecture section.

I chuckled when the receptionist asked to take a picture of me to compare against the last picture (to verify I was who I said I was) and then promptly asked me “have you lost weight since the last time you were here?”

Um… I don’t think so? :P

Breakdown of topics:

I am going to see if I can find out which questions I got wrong. Would be nice to know so I can learn for future.

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