LPIC-1 Expiry and Google+

Well, it was due to happen eventually, but I got an email saying my LPIC-1 certification is going to expire in 9 months, and I never got to finish LPIC-2.

Well, maybe I’ll redo it after I got my Kubernetes certifications

Finally while writing this post, I notice that WordPress is now removing Google+ support because Google are shutting it down. A pity really, since I did like Google+ and while it didn’t take off, a lot of the features were in G+ because general use, like Hangouts.


I have received confirmation of my LPIC Certification. So I expect I’ll get something in the post to confirm this. Now starting work on LPIC-2. Whether or not this changes my employability, we shall see.

Interestingly, I decided to look at some other courses offered by the online course site I got my learning material from and there’s some Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics courses there. I might look at these courses at some point in the future, perhaps after I finished LPIC-2.


Linux Professional Institute Logo

Linux Professional Institute Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First step achieved towards LPIC-1. Part 1 complete, part 2 commence! :)

Score was 710. Pass mark was 500. Score ranges from 200 to 800, so if my score was 710/800, that makes it 88.75%. Not a bad score.

I arrived 30 minutes early, and the test centre allowed me to take the test early, although we had some troubles getting the exam started (technology, eh?)

However, once started, I clicked through the questions, and felt reasonably happy with the level of questions, even though I evidently got quite a few wrong on the System Architecture section.

I chuckled when the receptionist asked to take a picture of me to compare against the last picture (to verify I was who I said I was) and then promptly asked me “have you lost weight since the last time you were here?”

Um… I don’t think so? :P

Breakdown of topics:

I am going to see if I can find out which questions I got wrong. Would be nice to know so I can learn for future.


Linux Professional Institute

I’ve finished studying for the first of two exams for the LPIC-1 certification, and I have found some exam questions (about 600 of them), and have started to go through them.

The first thing that struck me about these questions is either I’ve not been studying all the topics, or some topics have been removed out of the exam. For example, some of the questions reference LILO, but according to the LPI page on the 101 exam, there’s no mention of LILO (but there is mention of Grub 2 and Grub Legacy). Then again LILO and Grub Legacy are quite limited by today’s standards, so it could be that they really are removed out of the exam. Guess I’ll have to take that chance.

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