International Coffee Day: Around the world of extreme coffee in 5 fantastic facts


Happy coffee day! (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Happy coffee day! (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As the world celebrates International Coffee Day (which, of course, falls on a Monday), we are raising a strong, foaming cappuccino to toast the wonderful beverage, along with a trip around the strange world of coffee.

1. The most expensive coffee comes from the rear end of an elephant

Black Ivory Coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee at nearly £700 per kilo (or around £30 a serving).

Why so pricey? Because it’s ‘naturally refined’ by street rescued elephants.

This means the elephants eat the coffee beans before passing them back into the world around 15 hours later, where they are ready to be brewed into a drink described as ‘very smooth without the bitterness of regular coffee’.


Full of beans. (Picture: herbertlewald)

2. …and the strongest comes from America

With 200 per cent more caffeine than the average cup of coffee,

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