10K Training – Day 1: Preconditioning Phase – Day 1

Tracks: Endomondo, ZR

My first run of my 10K training, and was pretty reasonable. Target today was to jog (not run) 5K at 7:46 min/km.

I ran 5.44K at 5:37 min/km. I ran at a pretty steady pace too. I’m pleased with this run.

No PBs today. Tomorrow’s target: 8K at 7:46 min/km


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  1. Good luck to you in your training! You are a MUCH faster runner than I am. :-) But, hey, it all counts, right? I look forward to seeing your final results.

    • It isn’t about speed – no matter what anyone tells you. It’s about finishing it at your own speed, and in your own time. Remember, there’s really only one person you should be comparing yourself against, and that is yourself. Whatever your speed, enjoy your run and feel good about it :)

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