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The beta version of the ZR website now houses achievements which you unlock as you progress. Here’s the details from the blog page

We now reward you for running certain distances or at certain speeds, as well as building your base in certain ways or even listening to the same song on ten consecutive runs — yes, we track all that and more! There are over 70 achievements to unlock, so getting all of them should take you quite a while, even if you’ve been playing Zombies, Run! from the start.

We designed these achievements not only to help you to explore everything Zombies, Run! has to offer, but also to motivate you to improve as a runner. Every achievement falls into an “early-game”, “mid-game” or “late-game” category so you can always feel you have a new task or milestone within your grasp.

A final category, “hardcore”, contains achievements for those who have done everything there is to do in Zombies, Run! but who don’t want to stop running. Things like running for a total of 1000 kilometers or collecting 500 supplies within a week.

The achievement list will not necessarily tell you how each one is unlocked. Some you’ll be able to guess from the name. Others you’ll unlock accidentally, but we have no doubt that the community will figure them out before very long…

Crucially, achievement unlock retroactively, so prolific Zombies, Run! players may have a bunch of achievements already – in fact, over 150,000 achievements have already been unlocked! If you don’t have any unlocked, you simply need to sync a new run in order for your achievements to be generated.

So head over to the Zombies, Run! Beta site and sign in to visit your Achievements page to see which, if any, you’ve already unlocked. And which you should work towards next…

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Here’s the achievements I’ve unlocked so far:


Reporting for duty (Jul 25, 2013) – Congratulations, you’ve completed Zombies, Run! 5k Training! Your Runner training is complete and you’re ready to begin your duties in Zombies, Run!

Deja Vu (Jul 25, 2013) – Haven’t I heard this somewhere before? You’ve played mission one in both the Zombies, Run! app and the Zombies, Run! 5k Training app.

And so it begins (Jul 25, 2013) – Welcome to Abel, Runner 5. You’ve completed the first mission, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Baby steps (Jul 25, 2013) – Five missions completed. Nice work! Keep it up.

Are fitness apps allowed to give this many feels? (Jul 25, 2013) – You’re getting the hang of this! Over half way through Season one and you’ve probably had your heart broken at least once by now. Keep going, the apocalypse may be grim but there’s got to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

So, that happened (Jul 25, 2013) – Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of Season one! Time to step it up and move on to Season 2…

Tenacious (Jul 25, 2013) – Ten Season 2 missions completed! You have made a great start, but there’s plenty more out there. Keep running!

20-20 vision (Jul 25, 2013) – Another ten Season 2 missions down! But you’re still only scratching the surface; this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Zombies Escaped:

Apprentice zombie escapologist (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve avoided your first zombie chase. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Weekly 10k (Jul 25, 2013) – 10k in one week is a good achievement for a beginner runner. You’re well on your way to greater and more exciting milestones, so keep it up!

Off the couch (Jul 25, 2013) – Sic parvis magna. Greatness from small beginnings. This 5k you just ran may feel like a huge accomplishment now, but one day you’ll look back on it, having completed your first 10k, half-marathon or marathon and see it for what it truly is. The first step to future greatness. Onwards!

Getting good at this (Jul 25, 2013) – Running a 10k without stopping is a great achievement, so congratulations! It takes stamina, willpower and determination to get through that wall and push yourself to keep going. Have you thought about a half-marathon next?

Weekly 25k (Jul 25, 2013) – Well done. Over the course of this week you have run a half marathon – and then some! Think you can improve your weekly distance beyond 25k? Worth a shot!

Half marathon runner (Jul 25, 2013) – You just ran 21.1km in a single run. That may seem oddly specific, but it’s actually the length of a half marathon. So congratulations, you just ran a half marathon! You’re getting pretty good at this running lark.

Weekly 60k (Jul 25, 2013) – Very impressive! 60k in one week is quite an achievement, so congratulations! How long can you keep that up for..?

The big fifteen-oh (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve run for a total of 150km. This is a great achievement! It’s also the distance between London and Badminton, as the crow flies. We’re pretty sure Badminton doesn’t have an airport, so this information is largely useless. But still, facts are facts.

My first ultramarathon (Jul 25, 2013) – You have run for a total of 50km, congratulations! Anything above the 42km of a normal marathon is technically an ultramarathon. Sure, you’re meant to do them all in one go, but you’ve made a great first step towards that, at least.

I would walk 500… kilometers (Jul 25, 2013) – The Pretenders seemed pretty keen to go for a 500km walk, but how about a 500km run? Doubtful. You’ve got the one-up on them in that respect. 500km is a very long way, you should be very proud.

Running Time:

Breaking in your running shoes (Jul 25, 2013) – You’re off to a good start! 12 hours is a commendable total running time, but we think you can do better. Keep it up!

28 hours later (Jul 25, 2013) – A total running time of 28 hours. Sure, we could have set this achievement to pop at 24 hours, but then we couldn’t make a Danny Boyle movie reference. And where’s the fun in that?

Long weekend (Jul 25, 2013) – 72 hours of running. That’s a long weekend’s worth. You could have spent that time flying to hotter climes or taking a relaxing trip to the countryside. But no. You decided to run. Good for you.

Running Pace:

Runner 10 (Jul 25, 2013) – Good start. You’ve run a mile in under 10 minutes. With more running you’ll keep improving that pace and get your stamina up!

Pace yourself (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve improved your running pace consistently for three consecutive runs. It’s great to see you improving so quickly!

Runner 8 (Jul 25, 2013) – An eight minute mile is a solid achievement, well done!

Running Frequency:

Regular runner (Jul 25, 2013) – Getting into the habit of running three times a week can be hugely beneficial, for many reasons. Not least of which being that you’ll be able to keep up with the weekly Zombies, Run! mission releases.

Every day ending in ‘y’ (Jul 25, 2013) – A whole week of daily running. Nice work. Are you training for something? If not, maybe you should consider it…

Supplies Collected:

Apprentice hoarder (Jul 25, 2013) – 100 supplies. Nice work. The people of Abel thank you for your supply-gathering prowess. And for not getting eaten on the way home.

Weekly shopping list (Jul 25, 2013) – Congratulations on finding 50 supplies to bring back to Abel this week. With your eye for useful litter, the Township will be in good hands.

Adept hoarder (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve collected 500 supplies. Careful, now. The people of Abel are starting to rely on you for their daily bread. If you were to get eaten by zoms now a lot of people would be left in quite a pickle.

Abel Township:

Apprentice carpenter (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve upgraded a building! Not an easy thing, considering Janine’s rather strict building codes. Watch out for splinters.

Give me your tired… (Jul 25, 2013) – There are now over 100 residents within the walls of Abel Township. That’s 100 fewer people wandering the zombie wastelands, waiting to become undead dinner.

Adept carpenter (Jul 25, 2013) – You’ve upgraded every building at least once and Abel is starting to look more like a bustling city than an island amid a sea of undead marauders.

…your poor… (Jul 25, 2013) – Abel Township has swelled to accommodate over 350 souls. This is quite a community you’ve got going here. Hopefully there’s enough food and beds to go around…

Happy chappies (Jul 25, 2013) – Morale in Abel Township is at 100%! The residents literally couldn’t be happier. And it’s all down to you. Runner 5, the ultimate morale booster.

Trains aren’t the only things that run on tracks (Jul 28, 2013) – You’ve fully upgraded the Training Area! There’s now room for almost every Runner in Abel to train all at the same time. Which means more training for everyone. You may want to avoid the other Runners for a bit. Just in case they want to, er, “thank” you.

All shacked up (Jul 25, 2013) – The communications shack has been fully upgraded! You’ve never seen Sam this happy. He’s been in there all week, testing out all the upgraded equipment with the unbridled joy of a puppy with a new shoe.


(No Achivements Unlocked)

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