Zombies, Run! – Race Missions Run-Through (Android)

Here’s a few details about the race missions part of the latest ZR2 update if you haven’t read the blog entry references in this post.

The race missions as the name suggests are different to the normal Season 1 and Season 2 missions in that they are not time-based. They are distance based so you must travel a certain distance to trigger the next audio clip.

Race missions are in an entire section of their own, and fill in gaps between Season 1 and Season 2.


There are different race lengths – 5K, 10K, 20K (near half marathon distance)


There are two main types of tracking in this mode — GPS and Accelerometer. Gyro will also be an option if your device supports (newer devices). Accelerometer is for people running on treadmills.


If you have GPS enabled, then the app will use that to track your distance. If you don’t (e.g. you’re on a treadmill), then you will have to tell the app how to guesstimate the distance you have travelled, and it uses pace time for that. For example, for me, a walk is 10 min/km, a light jog is 7 min/km, moderate jog is 6 min/km a light run is 5 min/km and fast run 4:30-5:00 min/km.

Screenshot_2013-07-03-06-49-08  Screenshot_2013-07-03-06-49-21

I haven’t tried the race missions yet, but I’ll be giving them a go when I’ve finished all Season 2 missions. I’ve caught up on the main story missions, and have just started on the side missions.

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