10K Training – Day 2: Preconditioning Phase – Day 2

Tracks: ZR, Endomondo

This run was supposed to have been done yesterday, but I missed it due to the rain. Target today was 8km @ 7:46 min/km. I did 8.30km @ 5:49. The first 5k was fine – a nice, steady pace, but the last 3k I had trouble keeping the pace up. Next run is tomorrow – 5km @ 7:46 min/km

Zombies, Run! | New Zombies, Run! missions are now available!

The hiatus is over! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming: Zombies, Run! Season 2. We have another ten weeks worth of new missions (30 in total!) to deliver to you, dear fans, so we hope you’re all caught up with the story. And if you’ve enjoyed the first half of season 2, just wait and see how much more epically bombastic things get in the second half…

If you already own a Season Pass Plus, all of these story and side missions will come at no extra cost to you whatsoever. You will simply need to head on over to the mission list, download the new content and away you go!

Earlier today we had a slight problem with mission downloads. We’ve since fixed the problem on our end, but if you’ve had difficulties playing the new missions, please delete them from the mission manager, restart Zombies, Run! and then redownload.


Don’t forget to check out the new achievements system over at the ZombieLink beta site. Can you collect them all?

Zombies, Run! | New Zombies, Run! missions are now available!.

Annette Fredskov: Accomplish your running goal | Most km (Running) Challenge | Endomondo

Remember my previous post about Annette doing a marathon a day? (If not, it’s in the links at the bottom of this post)

There’s a challenge out now in Endomondo.

Annette Fredskov: Accomplish your running goal | Most km (Running) Challenge | Endomondo.

Encrypted LVM — Setting Up, Shrinking and Growing

I’ve been tinkering with my LVM config and exploring, and trying to learn how to setup an encrypted Logical Volume, and then, how to grow and shrink it. I’d like to share my workings with you so you know too. This is a long article, so I’ve hidden it under a cut.

Remember, before you do ANYTHING that involves shrinking or resizing partitions on your hard drive, you MUST make a backup. Ideally as an image. If anything goes wrong, you will need to revert back to this image.

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