10K Training Preparation

Mo Farah bids for gold in the 10,000 metres at...

Mo Farah bids for gold in the 10,000 metres at London 2012 (Photo credit: TerryGeorge.)

I’m now starting to prepare for my 10K run in October, planning a set of structured runs with the aid of the MyASICS website. My target is 54 minutes, but I’ll be happy as long as I can get under 1 hour.

MyASICS only allows a maximum of 4 runs a week. I’d prefer 6 max, but I’ll make do with what I have. Unlike miCoach, MyASICS uses pace training. The app is appallingly bad, so I haven’t used it for a while, but I will keep an eye out on it in the unlikely event that asics update it.

My first week’s training is a 5K Jog on Monday, 8K Jog on Tuesday, 5K Jog on Wednesday, and 8K Comfortable Run  on Saturday. As with all my training to date, I’ll keep blogging on my progress.

As with most structured plans, there’s 5 phases:

  1. Preconditioning
  2. Getting Faster
  3. Race Simulation
  4. Race Preparation
  5. Recovery

Next week, it’s Week 1 of 1 of Preconditioning. I need to stick with this plan because it doesn’t look like there’s much room for slippage in terms of time.

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