As a result of the Ubuntu Forums hack recently, I’ve now had to spend several hours going through all my internet logins accounts to see whether or not I have used the same password anywhere else. Not surprising, I have so I have to go through and change them all. Fortunately, LastPass allows me to generate secure passwords which  I can use to replace other passwords. The only real place where I would be concerned if they have access would by emails, but I have 2-factor authentication turned on there, and have had it turned on for many months, and they need my email address, password AND phone to get into my account. Even my backup codes are stored on a TrueCrypt volume stored on a LUKS partition on my laptop so they would need two passwords to get at those.

Mind you, it IS good that these forums were hacked, it’s given me a reason to go through my accounts and see which ones I still use and which ones I can delete.


Bad Driving – BMW 1 on Vimeo

A selection of three clips showing a really dangerous BMW driver.

First clip, the driver cut in front of me at high speed with no signal and with not much space between myself and the car in the lane next to me. Then jumps from the fast lane, to the slow lane, then back to the fast lane in order to over take cars. I caught up to the driver and you can see their number plate.

Second clip, the driver almost causes an accident by undertaking the car in front whilst a car is change from the slow lane to the middle lane.

Third clip, the driver again undertakes (in the distance), then does exactly the same manoeuvre as in the first clip. The irony? Even with all their moves, I still overtook them. :-)

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