10K Training – Day 18: Getting Faster – Day 14

Tracks: ZR (Beta track here), Endomondo, Strava

Target: 7km @ 5:54 – 6:02 min/km

Achieved: 5.1 km @ 5:34 min/km (Strava measurement)

Endomondo really screwed up measurements on this run, for some reason, registering that I ran 5.06 km in 5d:3h:03m:20s. Uh, sure – I can crawl 5 km in less time than that. Sure, I was below the 7km I was aiming for, but that’s because I did the wrong route and went my 5km route instead of 7km.

In other news, I had my first Zombie attack on my base:



But it would take 5 materials to fix, and I don’t have that (it would take me 2 runs to do that, and I’d much rather extend my base first)

I also encountered two bugs — a base render corruption:



And a duplication of messages (Okay, I heard you the first time!)



Next run:  Thursday — 5km Intervals: 5:36 – 6:02 min/km pace

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