10K Training – Day 17: Getting Faster – Day 13

10K Training – Day 17: Getting Faster – Day 13

Tracks: ZR (Beta track here), Endomondo, Strava

Target: 5km @ 7:43 min/km. Target Finish: 38:35 mins

Achieved: 9.99 km @ 6:08 min/km, 1:01:20 hrs Completion. I wanted to try to run a 10K today, being a bank holiday. Whilst I did it, I fell way short of my target sub-1 hour time. MyASICS has detected my general slow down in pace and offered to adjust the pace in my plan (which I accepted).

In addition, I did the second Zombies, Run! race mission, which was, ironically, 10K, and it fit in quite nicely with the run. Considering the missions drive by distance and not time, they overlay the music, rather than stopping it, so you can hear the music still going in the background whilst the audio is being played.

Next run: Tuesday – 7km @ 5:54 – 6:02 min/km


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