This is a very useful boot disk – it allows you to download the latest network installer from the relevant site and boot it, without having to burn or create another stick. It supports the major distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, Scientific Linux, CentOS and Slackware.

Be warned, though, Network Installers by nature can be heavily console-based.


10K Training – Day 12: Getting Faster – Day 8

Tracks: ZR (Beta track here), Endomondo

Target: 5km 5:40 – 5:48 min/km. Completion time: 28:20 – 29:00 min

Achieved: 5.15 km 5:56 min/km. Over my target range so need to practise my pacing better.

Next run: Monday — 5km 7:45 min/km. Completion time: 38:45 min

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