10K Training – Day 6: Getting Faster – Day 2

Tracks: ZR, Endomondo

Target: 5 km @ 5:48 – 5:40 min/km (Completion time target: 28:20-29:00)

Achieved: 5.40 km @ 5.34 min/km (6 secs faster than target range)

First “Fast” run of the training. Tough trying to break the 30 minute mark, and dropped to a walk several times, but a good start. The only way is up :)

On the downside, I was witness to the arrogance of a BMW driver (they’re normally a nightmare on the road anyway), arguing with a cyclist after he almost knocked the rider over. Of course, the driver blamed the cyclist, even though the cyclist was stationary before the driver even came round! I despair…. -_-

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