10K Training – Day 3: Preconditioning Phase – Day 3

Tracks: Endomondo (no ZR track as the app is playing up on me yet again)

Today’s target: 5K jog @ 7:46 min/km

Achieved: 5.38km @ 6.58 min/km

Ran a LOT slower today. I wanted to pace myself for the whole 5K, but when you’re running in 33degC heat, any extended running is really difficult.

TV on Google Play

It would appear that Google Play now do TV shows. Kind of an “On Demand” thing. True, you still have to pay for the shows, but they’ve got some pretty big name shows there now:

And even for the learning types, they’ve got documentary series too:

They’re running a couple of free episodes at the moment via here.

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