Striking Back Against Censorship

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The mission of is to democratize publishing. We’re inspired every day by the ways creators use our platform to bring their voices to the world. Unfortunately, we also see many cases of censorship aimed at authors and users.

One area where we’ve seen a number of problems is the censoring of criticism through abuse of copyright law. Two recentcases of abuse really caught our attention and made us think that we needed to take action to fight back on behalf of our users and everyone who believes in the internet’s promise for free expression.

Censorship by DMCA

A common form of censorship by copyright stems from improper use of legal creations called DMCA takedown notices. The DMCA stands for the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act,” which is a US federal law that created a system for protecting copyrights online. The DMCA system works pretty well, but has a…

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Dungeon Hunter 4

Found a new Android Game to entertain myself now. Dungeon Hunter 4.


It’s a Dungeon Crawler and has some nice graphics. A bit hungry on the CPU so has a tendency to jump on older hardware, but has a decent storyline (so far), and there’s VOICES, and as an additional bonus, I’m not hearing many American accents. I picked a Warmage as my character as I have thing for mages, and even though the game is freemium, I haven’t had the need to really spend much money on it, and there’s not many features that demand you to buy in-app purchases to continue. The only one that does is the Wheel of Fate which is a gambling game, anyway. Plus you can play the lowest rung (Bronze level) for free once a day.

I’m L13 at the moment, enjoying it, even if I do die on a couple of higher-level dungeons.

Oh, also, shoutout to anyone who knows the significance of my character’s name. ;-)


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