Half Marathon Training

I’m going to slowly pickup my running again next week, starting on a slower pace to begin with, since I still have scabbing on my shingles which may take a while to get rid off. However, most of the scabbing is dry, and should flake off soon anyway.



It’s been a couple of days since getting diagnosed with Shingles, and they’ve now gone red. Some have burst, presumably during sleeping, but I haven’t seen any blood on my bed, so I suspect the fluid inside them is clear as opposed to actual blood.

This is good news – partially, as it also means they are progressing to the next stage, which means they should start to clear. In fact, the earliest clumps of rash are now starting to fade. My only concern now is lasting nerve and/or skin damage.

Skin Troubles

You may remember my post from yesterday with a mystery skin ailment. Well, after spending 3 hours waiting at a walk-in clinic, I have my answer.

Shingles. Caused by the same virus as Chicken Pox. Still a mystery where and how I picked it up. I suspect the virus been dormant since I caught and recovered from Chicken Pox when I was young, but the blood test must have triggered its release.

Now, I have a week’s worth of medication where I have to take it every 4 hours.



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