Dungeon Hunter 4

Found a new Android Game to entertain myself now. Dungeon Hunter 4.


It’s a Dungeon Crawler and has some nice graphics. A bit hungry on the CPU so has a tendency to jump on older hardware, but has a decent storyline (so far), and there’s VOICES, and as an additional bonus, I’m not hearing many American accents. I picked a Warmage as my character as I have thing for mages, and even though the game is freemium, I haven’t had the need to really spend much money on it, and there’s not many features that demand you to buy in-app purchases to continue. The only one that does is the Wheel of Fate which is a gambling game, anyway. Plus you can play the lowest rung (Bronze level) for free once a day.

I’m L13 at the moment, enjoying it, even if I do die on a couple of higher-level dungeons.

Oh, also, shoutout to anyone who knows the significance of my character’s name. ;-)


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