Zombies, Run! 2 – First Impressions

It would seem that the Zombies, Run! 2 app doesn’t play well with RunKeeper. My GPS tracks with RunKeeper when ZR2 is running are very ragged and the ZR2 app ran without GPS tracking, even though I know I did turn it on, because RK was running in the background. I guess I’ll have to turn on ZR first, then RunKeeper.

As for the actual app, though, the new base construction section is so far, a very interesting improvement, you use the supplies you have picked up on your runs to build it, like before, but this time, it takes multiple supplies to construct or upgrade building, and you can now extend your base and make it bigger. Perhaps even add more housing and buildings. At the moment, I’ve only added additional buildings — Comms and Farm, but we’ll see what happens in the future. I want to finish my second round of Season 1 missions before I start on Season 2, even though I’ve already downloaded all the available S2 missions.


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