Half Marathon Training – Day 16

ZR track here

Trying to use the ASICS application was a nightmare. There’s no audio and no indicator to tell you when you are too fast or too slow compared to the guideline pace. There’s no way to even know whether you have HIT the guideline pace either. Used it for about 2 minutes before giving up on it. I’ve logged a suggestion to ASICS about that.

I’ve switched back to miCoach training, but since I stopped the place, I’ve had to restitch my plan from where I left off, and for some reason, the plan won’t sync up properly with the previous runs, so now I’m continuing with workout # 19 (Saturday) instead of 17.


Half Marathon Training

I’ve just found out that ASICS (whom all my running gear is from) also have a mobile app and training plans, including plans for various distances and paces. And yes, Half Marathon is included in them.

I’m going to switch off miCoach for a bit and try out the ASICS plan. They have structured the plan into phases to add variety to the plan and I like that because you can see exactly what phase you are in and keep yourself motivated. Unlike the training I was doing via miCoach, this one, like most mobile/web training plans, is pace-oriented.

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