Zombies, Run! 2 – New Missions

Along with Season 1 and Season 2 missions, there are also the Side Missions (S1-S3 at the moment), but there’s also RACE missions, which appear to be distance targetted instead of time targetted. These race missions range from 5K (approx. 3 miles) to 20K (approx 13 miles – this is also almost a Half Marathon distance.) It doesn’t appear to be available for me yet, but it may be because I haven’t completed my rerun of Season 1 yet (just finished Mission 15 out of 23.)

The distance missions would be perfect for my long runs.


Half Marathon Training – Day 32

ZR Track Here

For today, I had to revert to pace training because I foolishly left my pacer on and it flattened my battery. You can see that my Green Zone is quite narrow and actually, it’s a reasonable effort keeping that pace zone. This is why I need to do my Assessment Workout again.


There seems to be an unhealthy appetite for rebooting films (Hulk, Evil Dead, Django etc.), but until now, I didn’t think it affected anime that much. Then came Evangelion’s movie, OVA and (sort of) reboot, and now, I find Sailor Moon is going to get rebooted.


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