Zombies, Run! – Using the audio

If you use this app on Android, like I do, you might be interested to know you can rip the audio from the game very easily. The audio is stored on the sdcard which you can access using ADB or plugging your device into your computer and browsing to


In this folder are two files:

com.sixtostart.zombiesrun - File Manager_001

One contains the main audio, the other contains the additional missions (Supply Runs, etc.) and the radio audio clips. Extract them both to a folder (they’re ZIP files, even though they have a .obb extension), and you’ll get MP3 audio files.

Half Marathon Training – Day 17

ZR track here

Whoo! Nearly hit 100% on this run, and it was a long run too. I had ONE blip in this run near the end of the Green Zone, which took the 2% off, and I pre-empted the 5-minute mark by starting to slow-jog at the Blue Zone, even though I can walk it.

Day 16’s image isn’t available, not sure why, even though I synced my pacer. Most likely it’s because I ended up running a workout that was deleted.


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