Snippet: Chromium Snapshot Download (Cygwin) (Updated 3rd April)

A snippet to download and run the latest build of the Chromium browser. Meant for Cygwin/Windows but can be adapted if needed.

If you need to use a proxy, set your http_proxy and https_proxy variables before using this.

Now updated to kill running Chrome/Chromium processes before running the installer (in case of locking issues). Also created a Bitbucket repo here for this script

if [ -f ./mini_installer.exe ]; then
  echo "WARNING: Previous script run did not clean up"
  rm ./mini_installer.exe

if [ ! -f prev ]; then
  echo "No previous build logged"
  echo "-1" >prev

if [[ `wget -q -O-` == `cat prev` ]]; then
  echo "No build change (`wget -q -O-` = `cat prev`)"
  exit 1
  echo "New build (previous: `cat prev`, new: `wget -q -O-`)"
echo Downloading`wget -q -O-`/mini_installer.exe
wget`wget -q -O-`/mini_installer.exe

if [[ `ps -W | grep chrome | wc -l` != 0 ]]; then
  echo "`ps -W | grep chrome | wc -l` Chrome Processes Running. Attempting to Kill"
  for a in `ps -W | grep chrome | awk '{ print $1}'`
      echo Killing PID $a
      /bin/kill -f $a #This is the cygwin kill, not the bash kill
  echo "No Chrome Processes Running"
fiecho "Running installer"
chmod +x ./mini_installer.exe
echo Done
wget -q -O prev
echo "New build recorded (`cat prev`)"
rm ./mini_installer.exe
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