Massive Intel Chip Security Flaw Threatens Computers

An Intel flaw that has been sitting hidden for a decade has finally surfaced.

Being on the chip rather than the OS, it doesn’t affect a single OS — with Linux, Windows and MacOS being mentioned in this article.


Interesting fact I found out on Saturday. Even though I’m into my fourth decade, a visit to my local dentist for a checkup revealed that I still had two wisdom teeth that hadn’t come through, and based on the angle of them, if they do come out, they will cause problems with my other teeth.

And here I was, thinking all my teeth had come through already….

Watch “What is a Leap Year?” on YouTube

For a significant part of my childhood and teens, I was under the impression that a leap year was every four years, and found out when I got to college and had a lab exercise to program a leap year calculator, that the “4-year cycle” wasn’t entirely correct. CGP Grey does a great job of explaining this.

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