It has been pretty depressing this month in terms of running. I have hardly done any running this month due to weather and work pretty much making me out. I’ve dropped in my rankings amongst friend on Nike+, and now sit 4th out of 12, with 6 still to log runs this month. My current mileage this month: 5.6km. Position 3: 10.4km, Position 2: 29.1km, Position 1: 32.6km


Strange, today’s run is 4.8K,


But I’m given a 9.6K run.



Now, Nike suggest I drop out of the plan, uninstall the app, reboot, reinstall the app, then put a new one in, so I’ve done that, but that’s now reset my training plan, and Nike+ training plans always start on a Monday, so that means, no plan run today. :/


It’s been a while since I last posted so here’s a few quick updates:

1.Royal Parks Half Marathon

Ballot opens in just under a week, so I’m hoping to be able to get a place

2. Running Updates

I’ve now got a Running Watch and a Nike+ Fuel Band — linked into my profile here. The band lets me check my activity for the entire day, and the watch lets me log my run far more accurately than my phone can. I still use Endomondo and Zombies, Run. Endomondo for the training plan, and Zombies, Run for the story entertainment.

Stopped using gmusicfs as it causes random reboots, and, I’ve noticed, messes up CameraZOOM, which is the photo app I use on my phone, so now, I have my music streaming via Google Play Music, and have ZR running. However, it does cause overlap, plus, I can’t always hear what they are saying. Fortunately, I’ve listened to the entire Season 2 now, anyway. Actually, might ditch ZR now as its not really helping me now.

Ran a 13K distance on Sunday just gone, and was suffering aches during Monday and Tuesday. The route was mostly okay, but like with Waggon Road, this one stopped doing pavements part way along the road, forcing me to run on the grass and on the main road itself. Even had to balance on the stones holding up the black and white “>>>” chevrons.

Next run is today (7.4K, but going to aim to round it up to 8K.) Aiming to run it at between 5:30 and 6:00 min/km pace, so should be 44-48 mins. Found a nice route following the A110. Sure it’s along the main road, but its lit at night, has a dual pavement most of the way (separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists), and mostly flat. Should be good to help with my distance endurance


I started to use Nike+ because I liked their use of routes and their concept of “Nikefuel”, then I found out that there is an option in Endomondo to link into it. Though it seems like it’s one way, based on the description (Nike+ –> Endomondo). I’ll give it a go this evening for my first Half Marathon training session. I have been running these past few days with Nike+, Zombies Run, and Endomondo all active, tracking my session, and this drains out about 80-85% of my battery in 30 minutes. If the Endomondo – Nike+ link works, I’ll be pretty damn pleased, though I doubt that will be the case

Nike+ integration with Endomondo – How does it work?

Endomondo | Community based on free GPS tracking of sports.

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