Training in Quarantine – Day 28

3k walk today, which took me about 30 mins, then I decided to take up FitBit’s offer to a 3 month trial of Premium, which included access to FitBit Coach (which I used previously). Picked up where I left off and resumed my “Get Lean” program. Today’s workout was also 30 mins long and definitely made me sweat. God, I’m so out of shape… :-(

In other news, I finally got called by my insurance company and have so far spent two hours on the phone with different companies — the insurance company, the accident claims management company partnering the insurance company and the assessors who are responsible to checking whether the car is repairable.

My dad’s car, which was also damaged has been declared a writeoff, even though it suffered less visible damage than my car. Mine hasn’t been declared written off yet, although I’ve sent all the videos and photos I have to the assessors. We shall see whether or not I need to get a new car….

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