Training in Quarantine – Day 50

Finally hit day 50 of quarantined exercising. A colder, but less windy day. Big lap today, but decided to try cutting some of the longer corners to see how much of a difference that made.

My hair is really starting to grow out and is beginning to really irritate my ears.

And I found out my second backup domain I play development with no longer had its email forwarders working, and when I logged in, my account seemed to be pretty borked. A back and forth with support emerged that my hosting provider got acquired (again) and looks like my data was not transferred properly, or was empty when it was transferred. More likely someone f**ked up during the migration.

They recreated my account but it’s still pretty flaky. I’m asking whether I’ll get a credit for the 6 months of failed hosting (the acquisition took place at the end of last year), and I’m seriously considering transferring the domain off this hosting provider and onto Google Domains, but I would lose my email forwarding. I think I’ll look at buying another dummy domain on Google Domains and test with that for a bit.

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